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dirtyKURTY is an International Music Producer,  a Progressive & Tribal House, Groove & Tech house DJ.

 A top female DJ based in San Diego, she is best known for her captivating high-energy style and her deep hard hitting mixes. 


She Dj's & Co-produces with Dj Yodah.  Known as JACK N' QUEEN, they are releasing new tracks in Spring 2022.


She is a Corporate DJ for top brands: Adidas, Facebook, Microsoft, Human Rights Campaign, Snapchat, CorePower Yoga, and CrossFit.  


Residencies include Rich's San Diego, Spin Nightclub, OverDrive SD, and Hunter's Palm Springs. 

"I have NO BOUNDARIES to my music or who dances to it, as long as they are DANCING and loving the music.  My goal is to bring everyone together, regardless of our differences.  Music heals and unifies"



What truly sets dirtyKURTY apart is experiencing her LIVE.  Her unique ability to tune into any crowd and take them through an unforgettable high-energy ride and captivating musical journey.  Connecting is the most important aspect of her DJ style; using intuition to feel the pulse of the event, and her love for music is reflected on the ecstatic faces of the crowd at her shows.

As a former professional soccer player, dirtyKURTY has always been passionate about life and music.  Her DJ career launched in San Francisco where she fell in love with the energy and clubs, and has now landed in San Diego as a Global BPM artist.  She is a highly respected leader and role model in her field, a Nicky Award winner, and is currently traveling the globe sharing her music and vision.  


KURTY has been fortunate to share the stage with such acts as JOURNEY, TOTO, DNCE, (Joe Jonas), Harry Romero, Hercules & Love Affair /Andy Butler, KRISTINE W, Pepper Mashay, Erika Jayne, Wynter Gordan, LUCIANA, Alex Newell, Frenchie Davis, Debbie Holiday, Brett Henrichsen,  CALAGNA,  and Toy Armada.​  She has also been on the bill with MasterBeat, Forever TeleAviv and Unite Music Festival.

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